Sunset Sightings - September - $20 Jewelry SET

  • $20.00

This set comes with 4 pieces - this is a $20 set!

Featuring more drastic designs, bold colors, and funky combinations found outside the box, the pieces of the Sunset Sightings Trend Blends could easily be found on young Hollywood icons or in the pages of People magazine.

Necklace: "Go STEER-Crazy" (P2TR-SVXX-110GS)

Earring: "Eastern Excursion" (P5TR-BNXX-049GS)

Bracelet: "Off Exploring" (P9SE-BNXX-098GS) Infused with rich Meerkat beaded centers, textured silver frames link across the wrist for a seasonal look. Features an adjustable clasp closure.
Sold as one individual bracelet.

Ring: "Totally Tourist" (P4TR-BNXX-039GS) Swirling with filigree details, antiqued silver bars join around a robust Meerkat bead, creating a whimsical centerpiece atop the finger. Features a stretchy band for a flexible fit.
Sold as one individual ring.