$5 Mystery Gift Bag - Starlet Shimmer - Kids Jewelry

  • $5.00

You will get 5 items in this $5 Mystery Bag filled with Starlet Shimmer jewelry.  Starlet Shimmer are kids jewelry from Paparazzi Accessories (if you have small wrists or thin fingers, adults can wear these items).

Perfect for little girls ages 5++ (not recommend for babies still teething or biting toys, etc...small pieces are a choking hazard).  Great as affordable stocking stuffer gifts. 

You will get in the mystery gift bag:

3 various Starlet Shimmer Stretch Bracelets, various colors and styles (example: hearts, flowers, butterflies...-valued at $1/item)

1 random Starlet Shimmer Adjustable Ring (example: stars, butterflies, etc..., valued at $1)

1 random Starlet Shimmer Earrings (example: butterflies, seashells, hearts, etc..., valued at $1)

**Photos below show examples of what items may be included in the bag.  Bags will be in a Holiday Cellophane Bag Design.**