How to Care For Your Jewelry

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Paparazzi Accessories are so awesome because they are affordable at only $5! But like any other jewelry, we have to put some care into it to keep them lasting longer.  A lot of the pieces sold by Paparazzi Accessories, once gone, won't be restocked again, so if you love your unique Paparazzi Jewelry, here are some tips on how to keep it in good condition for longer for a little while longer.

AVOID the 5 S's:

SLEEP - don't sleep with jewelry on

SHOWER - your jewelry doesn't like water, take it off before you shower

SWEAT - oils from your body can cause tarnish to appear on your jewelry

SWIM - don't wear it while swimming, because of exposure to water again

SPRAYS - apply your hairspray, perfume, etc...on first, then put on jewelry last


So in a nutshell don't get your jewelry wet.  If it does get wet, wipe it down right away. 

Rings are more susceptible to get wet than all the other types of jewelry since we are always washing hands, so definitely try to remove them before exposing your hands to water. 

Also once in awhile, wipe jewelry down with a plain soft cloth (without jewelry cleaning chemicals) to remove some of the tarnish that automatically happens over time with exposure to elements.



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