Goddess of Fire - Red

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My family and I live in the state of Hawaii, but on the Island of Oahu...and all that volcanic activity you see all over the news right now is in Hawaii, yes...but on a different island.  It's happening on The Big Island, also known as Hawaii.  Confused yet?  The state of Hawaii consists of 8 islands.  One of those islands is also called Hawaii, but we call it, "The Big Island" obviously, because it's the biggest...and it keeps growing!  We are far from the volcano, the most we are experiencing here on the other islands is the Vog, which also kicks up my allergies.

I have family that live on the Big Island, but on the opposite side of the island from where the volcano is erupting - thank goodness, they are well.  It's devastating to see people lose their homes and belongings.  Yet, all the video and photos of the lava erupting and flowing from the earth have left me in awe. 

Growing up here in the islands, we were nurtured with the stories and myths about Pele, the Goddess of Fire in Hawaiian culture.  So in honor of my favorite Hawaiian goddess, who is putting on quite a show - here are some Paparazzi Accessories in the color of fire: Red.



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