Bring on Fall!

Fall is my favorite season because it's so festive.  We have Halloween and Thanksgiving coming up and cooler weather (I hope, but not so much in Hawaii).  And one of my favorite flavors, Pumpkin, is in everything from pancakes to decorations to candles. 

This is my first Fall with Paparazzi Accessories and I'm already excited with the items trickling into our lineup.  Gorgeous bold pieces in olive green, dark purples, maroons and dark blue.  Also, so much reds which will be perfect for Christmas.



These items will be available here on my website very soon!  And so many more beautiful pieces are coming so stay tuned!

And remember all these pieces are ONLY $5 each.  Yes, you read right.  Paparazzi Accessories sells $5 jewelry so you budget shoppers for Christmas, this is what you need on your shopping lists!  Don't break the bank this Christmas, buy affordable jewelry for your gifts.

Also, if you like the product, why not join and get even more of a discount?  Yes, if you sign up to become a consultant, you pay $99 for the smallest kit, but immediately after signing up you get to buy jewelry for wholesale price.  How wonderful is that?  If you want to learn more about the perks of being a consultant click here: Become A Paparazzi Consultant

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